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A writing caveat...

Because I hold myself out as a writer, even if not a remarkably talented one, I try my best to abide by the general rules of proper grammar and mechanics. That being said, I’m woefully aware there will be errors (many indeed) somewhere within the pages of this website and works. My editor, me, sometimes falls asleep at the post. His supervisor, the founder of the website, also me, grew up in northern Minnesota, where proper grammar isn’t exactly abundant in spades. If you’ve seen Fargo, you know of what I speak. My biggest fan sometimes helps me out with editing, but he, who is also me, sometimes lets a few slip through the grammar net. Try and cope…


Suspense, Thriller

It was their first time in town, but they weren’t the strangers...

Josh and Kevin take some much-needed time away from work, deciding to spend a long weekend at their friend's cabin in a quiet, lakeside town in rural Minnesota. The relaxing atmosphere and solitude sound like a welcome change from their otherwise busy lives, and the cabin should be the ideal place to unwind and recharge for a few days. Unfortunately, things get off to a bad start when their friend fails to show up, and the cabin is without power upon their arrival.


Things quickly go from frustrating to strange when two women turn up claiming to be old pals with Drew, the cabin owner, and friend who still can't be reached. Reluctant and unsure of what else to do, the friends agree to let the women hang out for a while until Drew arrives. After all, it's a small town where everyone knows your name; what could be the harm? It's not long, however, before other "old friends" begin showing up, seeming a bit too comfortable in their surroundings. As the minutes pass by and the women's story begins to fall apart, fear begins to mount that perhaps the unexpected guests are something altogether different from neighbors stopping by to catch up with an old pal. 


Are Josh and Kevin just not accustomed to small-town hospitality or is something else more sinister at play? 

Short Stories

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
From the collection of short stories Walking in Circles 

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life follows the daily events of three down-on-their-luck people living in the same city: a homeless woman living inside a car with her stray dogs, a homeless man just trying to get by, and a widower who is forced to go back to work. Despite their positions in life, we see how each has a profound, even if subtle, impact on those around them despite how they’re treated by the “more fortunate” in life.


Hilton Scott

Literary Fiction

Using the short story, Hilton Scott plumbs the depths of the human experience by analyzing the age-old question…what is the human condition? To answer this riddle, or more fittingly, shed a tiny glimmer of light on the puzzle of life, HS places his characters in everyday situations, watching to see how the world around them influences their actions and outcomes …but more importantly…. how their values and beliefs help shape the world in which they live. Touching on success, love, depression, happiness, ambition, fate, addiction, religion, and philosophy, Walking in Circles weaves together a rough, often gritty, look at everyday events, taking time with each story and character, striving to make sense of it all.

Walking in Circles is the first Collection of stories in the planned three Volume set. The second installment, Stopped to Sit Down" is anticipated for 2025. 

Eleven Madison Way.jpg
From the collection of short stories Walking in Circles

George, an ambitious professional, has finally reached the top of his career, figuratively and literally. With a new high-paying job, influential friends, and an acceptance into the “elite” Manhattan scene he had always dreamt of, George takes his longtime girlfriend, Sara, out for a night on the town, a chance to show off his newfound success and importance. As he revels in the glittering things and people around him, Sara begins wondering if George realizing his boyhood fantasy was such a good thing after all. 

The title track from the short story collection, Walking in Circles, 2021

Spending his lunch breaks walking, the narrator takes us through the mundane thoughts of his day as he floats listlessly through life from one moment to the next, idly reminiscing over past experiences and pondering over things to come. In a string of seemingly unconnected events and memories, the narrator begins realizing that perhaps there’s more to life after all. The only problem is recognizing it before it’s too late.

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