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Caution, humor not for everyone...

If you don’t find humor within the rides of Hiltonland, my sincerest apologies. I grew up on a steady diet of Seinfeld, The Simpsons, early 90’s SNL, a host of 80’s era comedies, and a perverse imagination that was only limited by myself and that of some childhood friends who spent hours filming, joking, imagining, and trying to create the next funny moment. Anchorman being released my junior year of high school was just the icing on the cake. More creative writing and freelance projects available upon request. 


Let Go.jpg

They say when one door closes, another one opens...but they never said you’d like what's on the other side.

After being fired from the only real job he's ever had, professional slacker, Vince Ryan, finds out the hard way it's not exactly easy to start over in your late thirties.

Never one to take his career or romantic aspirations seriously, Vince has led a shallow and immature existence. Consumed by workplace pranks, an obsession with movie references, tallying a running "batting" average of women he's slept with per pickup line, and his fervent rejection of change, Vince should have been fired several times. Able to rely on his overall likable nature, comic niche with his friends, and social connections with the boss, until now, he's managed to maintain his relatively ineffective role within the firm. However, when it's finally revealed how much money he's been costing "the man," Vince is finally "let go."

Stunned and a bit disillusioned by a "woke" culture not quite understanding of his workplace shenanigans, Vince struggles to move forward. Not helpings matters, Vince's now ex-colleague, and best friend Owen Belfour sees the dismissal as a new start on life...a life Owen starts to try and live vicariously through. 

As Vince's luck and life continue to spiral out of control, he meets the pretty and free-spirited Allie, a fellow therapist-patient, who starts to show Vince there is perhaps more to life than shallow encounters and childish behavior. Vince now has to decide whether holding onto his past life is worth giving up a new future and moving forward. 

Sketch Comedy

Untitled design.jpg

Branding SNL'ish skit...notice I said "ish" there, so no need for Lorne to get his lawyers involved.

Let’s face it, in a world of Twitter and made for tv “reality shows,” branding is pretty much the only thing that matters when it comes to success. Well, it’s no different for Carl Myers down at the local Clips n’ Stuff…a modest, albeit outdated, stationary store looking to rebrand itself in a world full of Donald Trumps and the Kardashians. Only problem is, Jerry doesn’t quite understand, or perhaps fully get the true intention of why companies spend so much time on Branding. Bringing the employees together to go over the new company image, it quickly becomes clear Carl has a different idea of what image the company needs.

I find it helps picturing Will Ferrell in the role of Carl, but then again, most things in life sound a little better imagining that.


Hilton Scott

Just Like Paradise.jpg
A Hilton Scott Screenplay

Ted just graduated college, and life’s good. He’s got his college buddies by his side, a new career to look forward to, and he’s moving in with his longtime girlfriend, Stacy. Yep, the future’s looking bright for Ted, and it’s only getting better---until moving day that is. For a guy accustomed to thirsty Thursdays and pulling pranks on his buddies, Sunday morning farmer’s markets and shopping for rugs is a far cry from his recent living arrangement. Stacy is ready to nest, and Ted, well, let’s face it, doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase. As Stacy pushes for a new, grown-up version of her boyfriend, Ted starts to feel the pressure and change that comes with growing up and adjusting to a new life beyond keg parties and few, if any, responsibilities.

For all the couples out there ready for the next step, Just Like Paradise offers a little glimpse of what it takes to reach paradise…if you ever get there at all.

Untitled design (1).jpg
Dreamy Carmine

We’ve all met him…an iphone store rep, our financial advisor, or just that buddy of a buddy who is a bit overly flashy in his presentation and demeanor. Every conversation becomes a sales pitch, a value statement. He talks a lot about kayaking in Africa, taking the Harley out to Sturges, and company development and forward thinking, The only problem is you never really see those photos or figure out what line of work the guy is actually in.


 Is Dreamy Carmine crazy self-aware and that good at what he does, or is it really all just a show?


RR Buzzsrpout ICON.png

Meet Reckless Ray. A no-nonsense, anti PC, unabashed Right-winger, hosting weekly out of his Tampa, FL, home away from home. Looking to take over the Sunshine State airwaves and beyond, Ray talks "power" to truth and tells it like it is ... or so he thinks. Along with his mild-mannered producer, Auggie, Ray takes to the streaming community to espouse his thoughts on all things life, love, and lore, but especially politics. Ever constrained by his overbearing, money-conscious sponsors, Ray is forced to start taking callers and hear views other than his own...I don't think so! Political satire, music, current events, and good old-fashioned fun.

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