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Who I Am

To say a little bit about myself…


I’ve always had an active imagination and interest in storytelling, but just how early it began, I couldn’t say. I suppose it started with my first memories of mom reading the Berenstain Bears and dad walking me through the Sunday Morning paper. I can say without question that I preferred the stories of Brother Bear getting himself into jams -no pun intended- over the play-by-play of the local high-school hockey games, but both left impressionable marks on me with regards to seeing the importance of using words to create a picture, to communicate, and to tell a story. The written word was an express ticket to a far-off land, and I, too, could learn how to manipulate it to my own will. I marveled at where it could take me, how it could transport me to different worlds, allow me to find comedy or terror in things I read, or better yet, dreamt up myself. That was, and always has been, a huge part of who I am, who I’ll always be.


Encouraged by family, teachers, friends of the creative variety, and well-wishers in general, I took up a passion for classic literature and spent considerable time reading and studying the works of the Western Canon…it wasn’t until later in life that the merits of Eastern culture started to find their way into my adoration. Influenced by such writers, thinkers, and creators, I became an English major and philosophy minor taking creative writing courses furthering my interest in all forms of writing. From short stories and poems to novels and screenplays, I enjoy all forms of creative expression, and it’s with that passion, I write and create the fiction and non-fiction material that goes on to help fill the pages of the Hilton Scott Writing website.  

When I'm not dreaming up a storyline or jotting down something that amuses me, I'm also an active musician and songwriter (check out my sister site I write, work, and play out of scenic Duluth, Minnesota. Having worked as an attorney, financial advisor, and general cog in the machine throughout the years, I can say without a doubt, my time spent writing, creating, and storytelling is when I'm happiest. Thank you for taking the time to check out the website and learn a little more about who I am and what I do here.




Founder of Hilton Scott Writing and Hilton Scott Music

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