Let's face it, no one really wants to read when they can click the play button on a video clip. Always wanting to showcase the Freelance and Creative Writing Projects in any form I can, I've decided to add a videos page for viewer enjoyment.  You can also visit Hilton's YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for more work and writing projects in video format. Soundtracks and music can also be found at Hilton Scott Music. Feel free to join in the fun and share your own videos. 

Reckless Ray Power Hour - S01-EP01

Meet Reckless Ray. A no-nonsense, anti PC, unabashed Right-winger, hosting weekly out of his Tampa, FL, home away from home. Looking to take over the Sunshine State airwaves and beyond, Ray talks "power" to truth and tells it like it is ... or so he thinks. Along with his mild-mannered producer, Auggie, Ray takes to the streaming community to espouse his thoughts on all things life, love, and lore, but especially politics. Ever constrained by his overbearing, money-conscious sponsors, Ray is forced to start taking callers and hear views other than his own...I don't think so! Political satire, music, current events, and good old-fashioned fun.

Reckless Ray Power Hour - S01-EP03

Episode 3 features Reckless Ray returning from a brief “well deserved” break from the show due to a recent civic “misunderstanding” during Florida’s very own hosting of the CPAC convention. Feeling energized by the socially regressive atmosphere, Ray is eager to return to his beloved listeners and rescue them from the pragmatic preachings of his producer Auggie, who was forced to temporarily host the show in Ray’s absence. Kelly and Ray find a surprising moment of consensus, as they both share in their contempt for Auggie’s even-keel approach. Kelly’s energy quickly returns, though, with the return of her foil Ray, as she is eager to voice her thoughts on the travesties incurred during Hulu’s programming for Black History Month.

Ray shares some “classic Ray” soundbites. 

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Hilton Does Mondays

Hilton decided to open up the Hilton Scott Studios for a rare peek inside the halls where all the magic happens. Don't miss out on this all-access pass, like never before. 

Unfortunately, my life never seems to hold up to the glamorous day-to-day activities I see people sharing on social media. I  thought it would be fun to take a side-by-side comparison. 

Banned From Tinder

Why I keep submitting photos to Tinder, I'll never know. See some of my latest "rejects." Join in the fun and upload your own "rejects" to the list. 

Cat Stevens Filter

The Cat Stevens' filter has definitely paid for itself already. Money well spent!