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An update of current and future
Creative Writing Projects

September 2023

Goodbye Summer!

New Reckless Ray Episodes Coming in September...​






Voices Still Needed....

We're still looking for several new voices for the upcoming episodes of the Power Hour, so if you are interested, have a friend who is interested,  or just have a friend you want to annoy, be sure to share the website and reach out. The gang at the Power Hour have a lot of crazy adventures planned for the upcoming season, and we'd love to add new members to the team to join in the fun. Despite what some have said about Uncle Hilton being a tyrant to the cast, he's actually very approachable, polite, and friendly. Plus, given the online nature of the work we do here at HSW, there's almost zero chance he can verbally berate you or get handsy...It's a win/win!

See you all real soon, 



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