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An update of current and future Freelance and Creative Writing Projects

January 2023

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and is refreshed for the year ahead. We certainly are excited to get back into the swing of things, which means a fresh new episode of the Power Hour…New Year’s Resolution Fails. Despite Auggie’s yearly quest for self-betterment, Ray just couldn’t help himself in reliving some of his worst New Year’s Resolution fails of all time. We hope you enjoy it. 

On a serious note, February will see another short story added to the collection, Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, which is part of the Walking in Circles Collection. Not as upbeat as Ray, but we think you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

Thank you for allowing the team a little time off over the holidays, but we’re back and more excited than ever to continue bringing you new episodes of The Power Hour, new stories, and an endless amount of make-believe…

Cheers to a New Year,



Happy Holidays,


It’s been a great November, and shaping up to be an exciting close to the year at HSW. We capped off season 1 of the Reckless Ray Power Hour and are quickly swinging into Season 2. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the Season 2 premiere, Ray made an ill-advised road trip to Maricopa County, and Kelly headed to Georgia…both trips went about as well as expected.


While this year has seen its share of ups and downs, learning curves, and complications, it’s also been gratifying. We launched a comedy podcast (Reckless Ray Power Hour), put out some Radio Mystery Theater during the Halloween Season, slow-dripped some short stories, updated some comedy screenplays, and managed to meet a few new friends along the way. Thank you so much to everyone who has checked out an episode of the podcast, given a thumbs up, shared a link, or said a kind word. It means the world to everyone at HSW, so thank you! We are excited about the upcoming year and plans for 2023. Season 2 of Ray will see a couple more episodes this year before a brief respite before returning next year.


A special thanks to the Reckless Ray crew for all the hard work and effort they put in to make the podcast happen. Although they didn’t ask for recognition, Hilton wanted to ensure they were acknowledged. The podcast, and a big part of what happens at HSW, couldn’t take place without their efforts in writing, recording, and the general help and support they provide each and every day. Thank you so much!


Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and enjoy some Christmas music from our friends at HSM! 


The future’s so bright, gotta wear shades,





As promised, October was a busy month here at HSW. The gang on The Power Hour managed to get together twice, even if Ray stormed out halfway through the first episode. Despite a bumpy start, the gang also found time to work on a “live” recording from the St. Benedict’s High-School Haunted Escape Room Challenge. If you haven’t checked that out yet, make sure to do so. We’re pretty confident it won’t disappoint… or maybe it will. Who’s to say? What passes as entertainment these days seems to be changing daily. 


Along those lines, HSW was also very proud to release its debut Radio Mystery Theater piece as an homage to the timeless allure of mystery through the written and audible word. Again, it’s painfully evident that HSW is concerned with staying “hip” and “fashionable” in the marketplace, so thank you to those of you who chose to write in and comment on the dated and lacking production...where would the entertainment industry be if it weren’t for those angry 2am rants in the comments section? In all seriousness, it was a very fun project to be a part of; an extra thanks needs to go out to the voice actors Patrik Drake and Marcel Turnes for their participation. Even if the writing or format wasn’t to the viewer’s liking, these are two talented voice actors who deserve props for their spirited performances. Great work, guys! It was a blast working with both of you.


Last we heard, Ray promised some sort of election-based episode of the Power Hour, but given his whereabouts are somewhat suspect following the events of the Escape Room Challenge, we shall see. Though, it’s in his contract, and if he wants to be paid, he’ll show up.


Thank you to everyone who takes the time to stop by and give the Power Hour and HSW a listen or read. It’s greatly appreciated, and while the staff complains wages are too low and working hours too strenuous, Hilton is always there to remind them why we do it. Please do feel free to share any items you enjoy. Getting the sketches, stories, clips, etc in front of more people is the best way to make sure we’re always providing top notch entertainment…ok, passable material…page 6 maybe.


Happy Halloween Everyone,






There’s no denying that writing can be a slow process, and it’s no different in the halls of HSW. With summer officially ending, two-thirds of the Reckless Ray cast on respite for the month, and half of the writing staff on holiday in California for the past week, it’s no surprise that little got done in September. But…that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to look forward to throughout October.


First, we’re proud to say that HSW will be releasing an homage to Radio Mystery Theater with a special live-action reading of a Hilton Scott short story. While this project has been a significant undertaking, it was definitely worth it. Professional voice actors, a soundtrack from Hilton Scott Music, and a story you can listen to without having to read yourself…what more could you need? Honestly, with today’s two-second attention spans, we at HSW thought it was time to relive the days of pulling the family around the radio for an old fashion mystery story with a modern take. If it helped catapult Orson Welles, perhaps it can do the same for HSW. Please keep an eye out for this release in mid-October for a timely Halloween release.


Second, new episodes of the Reckless Ray Power Hour will return after a brief hiatus in September. With the political world ablaze daily, there’s no doubt that Ray and the gang have a thing or two to say about the latest happenings, relevant or not.


On a side note, after pushing for a punctual Halloween release for Hilton’s debut novel “The Strangers,” the book release has been pushed back. All projects require prioritization, and there was no need to rush this book for release without it being published with the utmost satisfaction to the author and, ultimately, the reader.


Thanks for stopping by,




August 2022


Well, Labor Day is almost here, which means a couple things. Adults everywhere are looking desperately for a final three-day weekend to enjoy that last bit of summer…it won’t happen, but I guess you can dream.  The second is kids everywhere wondering "What was Dojo Cat wearing at the VMAs," "Why didn't Harry Styles win," and "When will Chumbawamba finally get their long overdue Lifetime Achievement Award?" Hilton, of course, is excited about none of this, and that’s because there’s much more exciting news in Hilton Land...New Episodes of the Reckless Ray Power Hour!


No spoilers here, but Ray does talk music and Elvis with a new segment called “Ray’s Raw Reviews,” and Kelly laments the fact she’s not given equal air time. Far be it from us to tell those two, or Auggie for that matter, how to host their program, but there’s been a great deal of tension in the studio lately, so we do hope those two can work out their differences and keep on with the vital work they do…


For those observant followers of all things happening in the Hilton Universe, you may have noticed similarities between the HSW newsletter and the one HSM puts out monthly. Well, that’s because they are similar. In a deal that just keeps getting worse, the fine folks over at HSM have taken it upon themselves to leech off our very own writing staff. We don’t know why they can’t just stick to their childish musical pursuits, but they apparently want to drag our high standards down into the mud with them. Typical musicians.


All joking aside, HSW does anticipate a late 2022 release of The Strangers, Hilton’s debut novel. We’re hoping to have that available online and on the imaginary bookshelves of your iPhone or Kindle shortly!


To everything turn, turn, turn,





July 2022



As August takes shape, Back to Summer Sales flood the commercial market, and Hilton spends his nights blaring Hot August Night by one of the greatest songwriters out there, the fabulous Neil Diamond, we can’t be more pleased and excited to be in the position we’re in. We’ve brought some incredible talent on board over the year, and we can’t wait for all that hard work and effort to start dripping out with new video posts, podcasts, and a book to be published in the second half of the year, beginning with another episode of the Power Hour - Down with Disney. If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes of your day to check out what our favorite Floridians are up to.


HSW is always on the lookout for new talent, voice actors, writers, etc, so if that’s your jam, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t promise it will work out, but you’ll always have a story to tell about the time you got to meet the “weirdo” Hilton, and you can’t really put a price on that. We promise, one way or the other, it will be worth your time!


Per our one-sided agreement with the pushy folks over at Hilton Scott Music, we are still contractually obligated to promote their latest Music Video of the Month, Lonely Hearts…this deal just keeps getting worse and worse…


See you in September,




June Newsletter

Hello all,


Happy 4th of July! It feels like we just got done kicking off June with a holiday weekend, and here we are again, on the cusp of yet another extended vacation from the daily grind. Break out the fireworks, lawn darts, Skid-Row tank-tops, cutoff jeans, tippy-cut table, and prepare to double-fist the cold ones all weekend long…oh, and remember to pay tribute to the country too…Take in a parade.

Our podcast, Reckless Ray EP05, “Scanning the Socials,” is officially live! Say what you will about the written word and puns; nothing is more exciting than a good rhyme. They don’t require the same thought that goes into a pun and are far more pleasing to the ear and soul. That said, we hope you take a few minutes of your day or that pesky drive into the office to listen to what Ray and the Gang are up to down in the Sunshine State. If we liked to gamble at HSW, and we do, we’re betting they’re up to no good.


As a fun new way to incorporate our loyal listeners into the upcoming episodes, we encourage all intrepid souls to join the fun by filling out the form on any of these fine web pages and submit your very own question to any member of the Reckless Ray cast. They will answer during the “live airing” of upcoming episodes. On advice from legal counsel, we want to mention that we can’t guarantee that the response will not come in direct insult form, as Ray is, well, a wild card. Nevertheless, we hope you reach out and take part in the fun. The cast always has a great time when they get to interact with the audience.


It’s official…those bastards over at Hilton Scott Music demanded we “push” their material over here at HSW each month. We are now contractually obligated to mention their current free music download giveaway. If you haven’t already, please look into that. If cheap pop music and some ’80s throwback sounds are your thing, we have no doubt they’ve provided something vaguely close and melodic. We may be obligated to mention them, but nothing in the contract language indicates our review has to be glowing…

Remember to let go of the firecracker at some point






May 2022

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, so Happy Unofficial Kickoff to Summer! It dawned on me that this month marks the first anniversary of the Hilton Scott Writing website. As I told my first-grade self, popularity takes time, so we’re doing ok. “They may not like you now, but give it another 30 years,”… and here I am, still short, now balding, and ever so slightly overweight. But we push on.


I want to thank everyone who is a part of the Hilton Scott Universe for the daily contributions to writing projects, upkeep of the website, and making me laugh … or cry… daily… tempers can get heated around these parts sometimes. I also want to thank everyone who’s happened upon the Hilton Scott Writing Universe, whether by chance, mistake, or out of a sick curiosity just to see the train come off the rails. We don’t love that mentality, but we’ll take it. Beggars can’t be choosers.


That said, Summer 2022 is off to a great start with uploading The Reckless Ray Power Hour S01, EP04 – “Larry From Lancaster” to all major podcast channels and hosting sites. As we mentioned last month, the talent that makes up the Power Hour “Gang,” as they like to be called, can be tricky to deal with, but we couldn’t be happier they decided to throw their hat in the ring with our writing endeavors.

We’ve approached them about doing some interview questions for the fanbase, but thus far, they tell us to write the shows and pay the checks, but what can you expect from such top-notch talent? We’re just happy to have them along for the ride.


HSW is always on the lookout for quirky, talented folks with fun ideas and creative ambitions, so feel free to reach out and inquire about joining the circus yourself if that’s your thing.


We would be remiss, not to mention Hilton Scott Music. While we don’t always see eye to eye with our friends over on the other end of the entertainment spectrum, they do begrudgingly chip in on the podcast production, and for that, we thank them. But seriously, when did musicians become so pretentious?


Check out Reckless Ray EP04, Larry from Lancaster. Mid-June will see EP05 “Disney” hit the airwaves.


Keep truckin’



April 2022

The first Trimester is in the books here at HSW, and while the “numbers” weren’t spectacular, projections on excitement are looking much higher for Q2. Musk edged us out on our attempt to overtake Twitter, but we’ll persevere nonetheless. Now, our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for aggressive expansion. If you are a writer, voice actor, content creator, or just a general weirdo like Hilton, feel free to reach out and get involved. Last month saw the HSW flagship, “Reckless Ray Power Hour” launch, and while the results weren’t all we hoped, it is in the water, so to speak. A dreadful lack of knowledge on how the Podcast game works may have held us up a bit, but we’re learning every day, and dammit, sometimes that’s all you can do. We also take solace in some words from Hilton’s dad, “the market is just too oversaturated right now.” Great to have encouragement…


Q2 projections and beyond are promising. Our partners “Ray” and “Kelly” are a handful to work with sometimes, but they were an excellent "get" for us here at HSW, so continue to show some love and listen to the new episodes. The upcoming months will certainly continue to see new episodes of the Power Hour hit the airwaves, but it will also see some other audio/visual content drop, highlighting some of the more “serious” writing on the HSW website. Hilton is aiming for quarter 4 to see some official news on when The Strangers will be available for distribution, but discussions are ongoing for how and when that book will be officially published. 

Special thanks to our friends over at Hilton Scott Music for providing some of the audio tech with our podcast launch. While we find most of their work bland, lacking in musical refinement, and outdated, they were kind enough to help with the podcast. For that, we thank them


Thanks for stopping by,



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