An update of current and future Freelance and Creative Writing Projects

APRIL 2022

The first Trimester is in the books here at HSW, and while the “numbers” weren’t spectacular, projections on excitement are looking much higher for Q2. Musk edged us out on our attempt to overtake Twitter, but we’ll persevere nonetheless. Now, our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for aggressive expansion. If you are a writer, voice actor, content creator, or just a general weirdo like Hilton, feel free to reach out and get involved. Last month saw the HSW flagship, “Reckless Ray Power Hour” launch, and while the results weren’t all we hoped, it is in the water, so to speak. A dreadful lack of knowledge on how the Podcast game works may have held us up a bit, but we’re learning every day, and dammit, sometimes that’s all you can do. We also take solace in some words from Hilton’s dad, “the market is just too oversaturated right now.” Great to have encouragement…


Q2 projections and beyond are promising. Our partners “Ray” and “Kelly” are a handful to work with sometimes, but they were an excellent "get" for us here at HSW, so continue to show some love and listen to the new episodes. The upcoming months will certainly continue to see new episodes of the Power Hour hit the airwaves, but it will also see some other audio/visual content drop, highlighting some of the more “serious” writing on the HSW website. Hilton is aiming for quarter 4 to see some official news on when The Strangers will be available for distribution, but discussions are ongoing for how and when that book will be officially published. 

Special thanks to our friends over at Hilton Scott Music for providing some of the audio tech with our podcast launch. While we find most of their work bland, lacking in musical refinement, and outdated, they were kind enough to help with the podcast. For that, we thank them


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