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An update of current and future
Creative Writing Projects

July 2024

Happy July, 


For all those Reckless Ray fans out there wondering why the latest episode didn't drop as usual at the end of June, well, tough nuggies...Hah, no just kidding. HS and the gang have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks. Rest assured, though, full episodes will be released shortly, as will an exciting summer-themed episode following the 4th of July Celebrations. 



In the meantime, please check out the many Shorts Ray has been dropping on YouTube bi--weekly. We drop one Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, so don't forget to subscribe...lest you miss out on all the fun. We're so proud to be closing in on nearly 10k subscribers (Yes, 10, 000. Honestly, we can't believe it either). You can also catch the weekly shorts on Facebook by following Hilton Scott Writing. We're not doing quite so well there (only 8 followers, but we're ambitious) We think 10 followers by the 4th is within reach...















For the one or two of you who frequent the site for the "serious" writing we do here, you may have noticed a new short story, "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life," on the website. While less playful than most of HSW's work, I'd encourage folks to read and see what you think. It was a story written several years ago but recently updated to fit the times. Hope you enjoy it!

Always Looking for New Voices....

We're always on the hunt for new voices and creative types to join the Power Hour, so if you are interested, have a friend who is interested,  or just have a friend you want to annoy, be sure to share the website and reach out. Despite what some have said about Uncle Hilton being a tyrant to the cast, he's actually very approachable, polite, and friendly. Plus, given the online nature of the work we do here at HSW, there's almost zero chance he can verbally berate you or get handsy...It's a win/win!

Yours Truly, 



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