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Who needs friends when you have a Blog?

It’s like having millions of imaginary friends…Sure they don’t call, provide feedback, acknowledge you in any real or meaningful way, but hey, they’re out there, and that’s the important thing to remember. Personally, it helps me sleep at night just knowing 3, maybe 4, people may glance at this sometime in the next month.

Welcome to the Hilton Scott Writing website blog. If you’ve been over at Hilton Scott Music (the fastest growing independent songwriting catalog north of Tierra Del Fuego), you’ll know those guys are pretty strait-laced over there. We run a different kind of ship around these parts, more relaxed you could say, not so uptight. So why are you here? This site is designed to showcase the writing of Hilton Scott and his many imaginative, sometimes collaborative, and all together unproductive endeavors. Tread lightly.

I’ve spent the better part of the past several years writing a number of things and thought it was high time to start putting some of it out there for public consumption, or you know, any literary agents or publisher types looking to pick up a B list writer for a C list salary. Now that the sales pitch is out of the way, let’s move on to other more important matters; Mainly, what you can expect from the website. As the title lays out on the homepage, it’s writing, and it’s meant to entertain. That’s pretty much as simple as you can get. It may be a short story I’ve written, a screenplay I’m looking for feedback on, a random thought I had in the shower (thank you Tinder and other online dating sites for that gem of an idea), and of course, the blog. I strive to make the blog, and website in general, as interactive as possible, so I encourage comments, criticism, negative vibes, and the standard rage filled rants that tend to find their home on the comments sections of most websites. Nothing like making yourself feel a little better by belittling other people…seems like an overall good plan and logical way to better yourself.

Thanks to family, friends, and well wishers for their unending support and encouragement to pursue my passions in writing and music. Without their support, Hiltonland, and indeed, the greater Hilton Universe wouldn’t exist.

Overall, the goal is to make the website as close to watching a three-legged race as possible; it’s slightly humorous to look at, nothing of importance is really taking place, and you’re always rooting like hell for someone to fall flat on their face… I guess that’s me. Enjoy!


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